Who Did This???

by Jill Cunningham
(Stockport, OH USA)

This is a great "Break the Ice, Get Acquainted" game. Great game for Co-ed Baby Showers.
Have written on a card, statements such as:

Played an instrument in school__________what?____
Did not have sisters______________
Served in the Military____________what branch?_____
Bloodied someones nose____________whose?______
Birthed 5 or more children_________How many?_______
Wore glasses in school_____________
Born outside the USA_______________ where?_______
Drove a '57 Chevy_________________
Sang in a choir__________________Where?__________
Had multiple births________Twins?____Triplets?_____
Wore braces____________________
Had 3 or more brothers___________________
Got paddled in school___________How many times?______
Won a trophy______________For what?__________
Wrecked a car_______________What kind?________
Has had a broken bone___________Which one?_______
Was not born in a hospital__________where?
Had a horse____________Named what?_________
Walked to school as a kid__________What school?______
Born the same month the baby is due________What date?

Make sure each person gets one. Then have everyone go around and find a person that has done one of these things and write their name in the blank. Whoever gets a name of a person filled in each blank is the winner. Remember this is for co-ed games, so you may need to change some of the lines to pertain more to just women. Ex: Bloodied someone's nose. This may be more for a guy as several that I have listed are.
You can add lines or take away as you wish, these are just examples. I do this at the beginning of all my showers and get the guests together who don't know each other well. The rest of my party always goes smoothly as people have gotten to know someone and the atmosphere is a little more relaxed. This one is always a hit for me.

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