Think Pink Tink Diaper Cake

Think Pink Tink Diaper Cake

So I have spent some time searching on the internet for Tinkerbell Diaper Cakes, and this cake submitted by Sheree and Robin is by far the cutest!! I love the pink dominant color and the tasteful touches of green...P-erfect!

Our readers like Sheree and Robin are what makes this website so awesome! All of our hundreds of diaper cakes brought together from creative creators from across the is a site to behold and we can only say "Thank You. Thank you for sharing." Sheree and Robin, you guys are awesome :]

We would love to post your diaper cake ideas to share with others around the world. Submit them right here!

In Sheree and Robin's Own Words:

This cake was done with the "Tinker Bell" theme because the Mother-to-be is a fan of Tinker Bell. It is her favorite Disney character. We used 2 Tinker Bell dolls and Tinker Bell ribbon on the middle layer. We had a lot of room around the bottom of the cake plate so we chose to take advantage of the space by hot gluing plastic Baby Blocks and Baby Shower trinkets. The diapers used were the Newborn size.

The Mother was surprised as predicted but what was unpredictable was the reaction from the Father-to-be. He was very much into the whole shower. He even wore at his request a "pink-striped shirt".

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