Spring To Life

by Sharon Fuller-Kerns
(La Salle, Illinois USA)

Wow Sharon!! What an awesome post! Your picture is so cute and your description is so thorough! We absolutely appreciate your time, creativity, and willingness to share. I am sure the charitable auction went really well! Thanks so much for paying it forward!

In Sharon’s own words:
I made these two cakes for a charitable auction. Most of the Baby items were purchased at the Dollar Store. Except for the socks, the large cake is pretty much the same as the smaller one. Here are the ingredients:
Items per cake
1 paper towel roll
1 wide ribbon
1 pkg rubberbands
1 pizza pan (find it works better with a base)
1 roll of tape
1 curly ribbon
1 1/2 pkgs Size 1 disposable diapers
1 pkg Easter picks (eggs)
1 brown bunny
2 stuffed chickies
1 diaper rash ointment
1 diaper crème
2 purple flowers (large cake)
3 receiving blankets (large cake)
1 receiving blanket (small cake)
1 pkg socks (large cake)
2 forks and spoons
2 bottles (large cake)-filled with m&m's
1 bottle (small cake)-filled with m&m's
1 teething beads
1 nail clipper
1 Johnson & Johnson sample pack
2 pacifiers
1 teething rings
1 teether (rocking horse shaped)
heart shaped suckers
I hope I included everything. These were easy to make, just takes a little time. I found using the Dollar Store makes the cakes a lot less expensive for people to purchase, unless they want to use brand name products. I tried to make them look like Easter baskets without the basket. Thanks for allowing me to post. Sharon Fuller-Kerns

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