Sanddollar Baby Bracelet

by Juma™

sanddollar baby bracelet
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A perfect bracelet for a summer outing this baby bracelet features seashells interspersed with silver plated beads. Sterling silver lobster clasp.

Bracelet Information:

Price:                $16.00 for baby's, $21.00 for mother's
Payment:           Credit cards, bank transfers, Paypal & more
Sizes:                 Baby and mother sizes available
Shipping:            Free 1st Class shipping!  Allow 2 weeks for delivery.

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Sanddollar Baby's Bracelet    -  $16.00  


Matching Mother's Bracelet - $21.00

* Sizes are approximate, so to ensure that your baby gets the best fit, measure the wrist and order according to length rather than age.

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Warning: These baby bracelets and/or their components are small and pose a choking hazzard to infants. Never leave an infant or child unattended when wearing a bracelet. Furthermore, these infant bracelets are not intended for unsupervised, daily wear.

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