Ridiculously Girly

by Kay
(Seabrook, TX)



Such an awesome cake! I love it when a mom-to-be's personality is reflected in a diaper cake! This diaper cake was made by a caring, creative friend for a special mom-to-be. Kay really outdid herself! Kay, thanks for sharing. It's awesome!

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Kay's Comments:

This diaper cake is a little on the edgy side due to the personality of our dear friend who is also a little on the wild side. We wanted to express that bright feminine personality in the diaper cake and use it as the centerpiece for the shower.

I built a 3 layer diaper cake from newborn diapers. Each layer became a little smaller. I suggest that if you use the dresses to cover each layer, that you use tape or string to hold the diapers together before layering on the dress. I just put the bell of the dress around the layer and folded the top to a hidden position.

After that, I took decorative ribbon - 2 wide spools of the same design, then 3 narrow spools of ribbon with differing designs in the same color theme. Place the wide ribbon around the diaper layer/dress and staple together. Then tie on your gifts with the narrow ribbon. I made large bows to go over the areas where I stapled the ribbon around the dress/diaper layer. Then I made multi-string bows with the small ribbon. It's worth it to spend a little extra on the ribbon!

We used the blanket to decorate the bottom of the cake. The most valuable idea is to start with a design/color theme. Everything else comes together nicely. This is my first cake and an absolute joy to make.


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