Princess Girl Cake

by Lori

Hi my name is Lori..This is my 4th diaper cake.

I used 100 Huggies diapers..all 3 layers are wrapped with receiving blankets..bottom layer has 2 onesies in place of a diaper roll..middle layer has wash rags rolled and replaced with diaper layer has bibs and socks in place of diaper roll..I used pink grass for bottom of of the middle layer and under the bear on the top layer of the cake..Baby items attached lotion, wash, powder, shampoo, desitin..brush and comb set..spoon set..thermometer..nail clippers..picture frame..2 rattles..princess on board car window cling..on top of the 2nd layer is a jewelery box and a pair of pink jelly sandles..for the bear on the top I sewed the fairy wings to the back of the shirt..the wand is on the 2nd layer..the wings and wand also came with a pair of clip on earrings which I attached to the sleeve on the shirt..a necklace..a tiara which you can't see in this pic..a ring which is on the 2nd layer buy sandles..I also put its a girl mints in the jewelery box..bottle on top by the bear has hershey kisses in it..also a little stuff girl with a blanket around the flowers around the bottom of the cake..middle layer has the pink flowers around the back and 2 flowers on top layer and babies name on top layer on top of ribbon..This was my most challenging one so far..but thanks to this site I did it..Thanks so much..Lori

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