Pink & Brown diaper cake for a girl

by Kandace Lancaster
(Seaside, CA)

This cute pink & brown diaper cake is full of texture, embellishments and great color. It definitely is a centerpiece for a girl baby shower! We received this diaper cake from Kandace, one of our caring readers who wants to share her ideas, creativity and time with the rest of us! Kandace and hundreds of other wonderful readers just like her are the awesome reason that this website is the inspiration to thousands from all over the world. Thanks so much Kandace! Your diaper cake is adorable :]

If you have a diaper cake to share, send it on over to us! We'd love to post it.

Kandace's Comments:
I made this one for my cousin who is expecting a little girl. Inside i rolled diapers and there are also a few hidden treasures in each layer. Like a sundress, baby toys, baby bathing products, baby shoes. :) I wrapped the layers in tissue paper using hot glue to secure it. I then wrapped ribbon and other scrapbooking materials around it also using hot glue to secure it. THen i added colored wood shavings to each layer and made a bow for the front :) I used a baby toy as the topper for this cake.

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