Magazine Baby

by Katie

The first time I ever played this game was at my baby shower. That doesn't happen very often!

Split the group up into smaller groups.

Give each group a few magazines. They don't have to be baby magazines, any magazine will do.

Give them a piece of construction paper, 1-2 pairs of scissors, and some tape.

Give them about 5 minutes to go though and cut pictures out of the magazines and "build their baby"!

They can not use the whole picture out of the magazine. Each feature has to be from a different picture. It has to be a baby from head to toe, including clothing. They can cut out a face as a base to work off of but then the eyes, nose, ears, hair, etc. has to be cut out from differnt pictures. At the end the mom-to-be chooses her favorite picture. The group that made that picture wins the prize!

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