It's a Boy....

by Jennifer Noble
(Sanford, NC)

1Roll each diaper individually and tie it with a piece of narrow ribbon. For neatness and uniformity, pre-cut the narrow ribbon in 50 pieces of 1 foot each. Retain the remaining ribbon for final assembly.

Alternatively, use rubber bands in place of narrow ribbon to hold the rolled diaper in place.

Create three tiers of the cake by tying 6, 15 and 28 rolled diapers.

Replace the central diaper from the top tier with a baby bottle, which can be filled with candies. Some more diapers from the remaining tiers can be replaced with other baby related articles such as safety pins, pacifiers, booties and bibs. Take care not to replace too many diapers.

Select small baby necessities that are easier to hide among rolled diapers.

Strengthen a tier more by tying the 1 inch ribbon all around it. Wide ribbon also makes the arrangement pretty.

Use re-positionable tape to arrange first tier on the cake board.

Tape the second and third tiers, too.

Stabilize the arrangement by inserting wooden dowels or straws through the tiers. Be careful about preventing any damage to the diapers.

Embellish with additional baby necessities such as soft toys and bath items. Ribbons, flowers, coupons, creams and cards are some examples of decorative items that can be used for this purpose.

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