Beautiful Homemade Baby Shower Centerpiece

Manda from Florida made and submitted this beautiful homemade baby shower centerpiece. She made a lovely arrangement of 2 baby sock bouquets on either side of a diaper cake. It turned out wonderfully! I love that she used 2 baby sock bouquets - what a great idea! And her baby sock rose bouquets look so real! Thank you SO much, Manda, for "paying it forward" & sharing your cute ideas and photos with the rest of us!!!

homemade baby shower centerpiece

Hi! I followed your instructions for the rose bouquet. I was a little worried b/c I wasn't sure if I could follow it without actually having someone show me how. But your instructions were so crystal clear! Thank you for your help. Your entire website is a wonderful asset for planning a babyshower! Thank you for the work you put into it.

unique baby shower centerpiece

Thanks again Manda!

Click here to go to the Baby Sock Rose Bouquet instructions that Manda used above

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