Hello Kitty 3-tier diaper cake

by Hazel Jover
(Manila, Philippines)

So excited to share this Hello Kitty cake with you, all the way from Manila! Hazel went all out and made an amazing diaper cake for her friend...what an inspiring sight! Her details and colors are gorgeous.

Many thanks to Hazel for paying it forward and sharing her creativity with the rest of us. Fabulous!!

Hazel's Comments:
I used 72 pcs of newborn diapers for this "cake." I rolled each one and placed a small rubber band around it to hold it in place. To mold my cake, I used a 14" round baking pan as the base holder and filled it with the rolled-up nappies. I tied a string around my base tier and wrapped a pretty colored paper around it and adorned it with a matching ribbon. I used decreasing pan sizes as molds all the way to the top tier. I secured the tiers with a long bamboo stick stuck thru the middle of the thee tiers and simply strung yarn up and over the entire assembly.

For cake "garnish," I used a folded Hello Kitty mini towel as the focal decor, attached it to the cake assembly using ribbon hair clips. I also squeezed into the cake fillers such as baby lotion, baby powder, baby shampoo and baby oil. My cake topper is a pair of dainty pink shoes.

My best friend loved the diaper cake. It was the centerpiece in the hospital room and everyone who visited her and the new baby oohed and aahed over it. The new mommy enjoyed this practical gift as much as I loved "baking" it!

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