First try at a Diaper cake

by Tracy
(West Virginia)

Baby Paxton 2008

Baby Paxton 2008

My diaper cake was rolled with each of the "folded part of the diaper's showing. The center is rolled diapers.

I used different shaped bowls (I used a lamp shade for the largest tier) to help hold them as each layer was created, turn upside down on your base (like a cake), slowly reveal just enough of the diaper layer to tie a ribbon tightly to hold the tier together. You can use a bit of hot glue to help but because I wanted everything to be usable so I tied the tier with ribbon only. (this can be a little tricky.)
Helpful hint: Always stack first layer on a 'base' that you can carry the whole cake to the shower on as the layer may fall apart when trying to move (trust me on this. lol).

I then decorated the cake with all the little things new Mommy's could use (wash cloths, shampoo, diaper cream, rattle, pacifier, baby powder, etc.) and a few small "baby themed" cutouts (hot glued to ribbon only). The ribbons to hold the shampoos were hot glued to the tier ribbon to keep them in place also.

Hope you like as this was my First try at a diaper cake. :-) Tracy

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Nov 11, 2015
by: Austin

Hey! Tracy. Hope you are doing great. It's such a wonderful diaper cake. With socks and lotions. It's such a cute one.

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