Dee's Blue/Brown 3 tier Diaper cake

by Dolores Rachal
(Las Vegas,Nevada)

Dee's Blue/Brown 3 tier Diaper cake

Dee's Blue/Brown 3 tier Diaper cake

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails,
this diaper cake is what little boys are made of!

This puppy dog diaper cake is the perfect touch to a baby boy baby shower. Dolores shared this darling diaper cake with us along with her detailed recipe of how she made it. So helpful and so cute! Thanks Dolores!

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Dolores' Comments:
I used pampers size 1 65
Wilton's show n serve cake circle (cake decorating dept.) one 14"
cake ruffle trimming cake decorating dept.
rubber band different sizes
1 Tall baby bottle
1 roll thick blue ribbon 1 1/2"
1 roll thin brown ribbion1"
1 roll of blue with brown dot ribbion1"
3 brown bows
glue gun
Blue dog (Babies R Us)
1 pair baby shoes (Baby R Us)
2 bibs
3 rubber ducky
small blue plastic baby pins,clothespins,baby buggy,rattles white and blue bears.
4 onesies brown and blue from (Baby R Us)1
1 hat (Baby R Us)
baby power, lotion, oil, desitin, q-tips (comes in a travel kit)
Rattle pacifier holder
2 pacifiers
1 1/2 yds of netting (blue)

Roll each diaper use rubber band to hold in place
I covered the cake circle with the cake ruffle trim used the glue gun to keep in place.

Use the baby bottle and glue to center of your cake circle. Make first tier hold in place with rubber band around bottle to edge of ruffle. Continue your tier till you get to the top tier.Alternate your ribbon for each tier. Put your decorations in place of choice. Put ribbons in front and place your dog on top. push dog from middle into to center to stay in place. Or put double sided tapes on his tummy. Cover with baby blue netting tie top with ribbon.

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