Craving Baby Shower Theme

A pregnancy craving baby shower is a fun, hip baby shower theme for any mommy-to-be!  It is just common knowledge, or a common joke, that all pregnant moms crave certain foods throughout a pregnancy. Some people crave things like a specific brand of cola, others crave a specific type of food like Italian or Mexican, while others crave extremely odd things like dirt. No matter what your mom to be is craving, you can easily create a baby shower theme around it.

Talk with your mom to be about the top things that she has been craving with her pregnancy and build a theme around it. For example, if she has been craving ice cream sundaes, you can easily build decorations with ice cream cones, full carnations put together to look like ice cream scoops, and even framed pictures of her favorite frozen treats. Or if your friend has been craving a certain type of food, such as Italian or Mexican, find out where her favorite place to eat has been and talk with them about catering. Some moms to be crave fried foods, and you can easily come up with some wonderful recipes to make sure she is happy and not gross out the guests too badly.

Starting Your Baby Shower Craving Theme

Every shower starts out with great invitations. You can create super cute invitations complete with the “cravings” that you're centering your theme around. If you choose ice cream, there are wonderful clip art ice cream cones and sundaes that you can use. Maybe you're doing a fried food theme, and there are tons of great clip art photos that you can choose here too. Or you can talk with a printing company about a custom design that centers around any weird or crazy craving that your mom to be has.

Or you can always find a large picture of her favorite craving, such as pickles. Cut out the shape of a pickle from construction paper and write or print out the directions, address, names, and other information on the pickle and send it out. There are plenty of great do it yourself ways to make a craving-based invite, from quirky sayings to pictures of foods.

Buffets Of Pure Heaven – For The Mom To Be

Create a buffet of cravings for the mom to be, offering up her favorites in finger food style. Serve a wide variety of different foods that will satisfy all of your guests as well, such as finger sandwiches, dill pickle spears, french fries, chips and dip, or a make your own sundae bar. No matter what your mom to be is craving, you can always add in other items as well. And, make sure that there are her favorite cravings on the buffet line – no matter what they are.

We recommend that you offer plenty of sweet and salty treats on the food line for guests to enjoy. Even those that aren't pregnant will happily get into the fun of the shower and try out some of the different foods. It also will spark fun conversations about other pregnancies and the crazy cravings that others had, their mothers or friends had, and so on. The stories alone are enough to make anyone laugh.


Craving Baby Shower Party Favors

Instead of stressing about artful party favors, create them around the theme of your shower and offer up a couple of types of treats that your mom to be is craving. We like the salty/sweet favor bags as they are easy to create and cheap to make. You can add in personal servings of chips and a few sweet cookies – such as the colorful ones that you can order from Paulette Macaroons (which come in a wide variety of colors). Or you can add in small bags of mom to be's favorite candies and other personal serving sizes of her favorite things. These can all be wrapped up in colored cellophane and tied with ribbon, then displayed in cute baskets for guests to enjoy.


Craving Baby Shower Music

Here is where some of the fun comes in, no matter what your mom to be is craving, there is sure to be some music based around it. Don't be afraid to branch out to funny or comedy songs, and include songs for all generations. Take the ice cream theme, with a do it yourself ice cream bar, you can also offer up some fun musical selections like Ice Ice Baby from Vanilla Ice, the Ice Cream Man from Van Halen and Ice Cream from Sarah McLachlan.


Craving Baby Shower Games

You can easily tweak old favorite games to go along with any craving you choose. Guessing games can contain guesses about the baby as well as how many pickles she can eat in a week – just make sure that you don't offend the mom to be with some games. We also love the tasting game, taking baby foods that revolve around what the mom is craving or hating, and having guests try and guess what the food is.


All About The Mom

Remember that this craving baby shower is all about making the mom to be happy. If you are worried about anything you are planning, make sure to run it by her first. This way, there are no hurt feelings or a ruined baby shower because the mom to be wasn't comfortable with some aspect of it. A craving-based baby shower should be fun and should have a funny overtone to the party.

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