Clean, simple, elegant baby girl diaper cake

by Laura B
(Green Bay, WI)

Simple, elegant baby girl diaper cake

Simple, elegant baby girl diaper cake

Lovely flowers, lovely ribbon, lovely diaper cake! Laura shares with us her wonderful picture, tips and diaper cake inspiration. So have a looksy and admire her creativity :-)

If you have a diaper cake to share with us, send it on over to us, we would love to post it to our diaper cake gallery!

In Laura's Own Words:
Rather than rolling each diaper, I fanned them out sideways and secured with ribbon. It was much faster. I fanned the opposite way in the middle
tier to give it a little twist. I added a few silk flowers and a small stuffed elephant at the top. We had the shower at a restaurant and other patrons thought the cake was real at first! A great result from my first cake.

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