by Sarena Chaquies
(Stockton, CA)

What you will need: A small box, 2 small flowers(these will be your bloomers cause flowers bloom) a roll of wrapping paper, music.

Place a safety pin on the small flowers sort of like a corsage...put them in the box and wrap the box six times. This is played like hot potato, tell your guests that there is a pair of bloomers in the box (don't tell them it's flowers, chances are they are going to think it's a pair of underwear)when the music starts pass the box around when it stops that person takes a layer of paper off and so on until the last layer is gone, then pass it once more when you have passed it for the last time the player with the box last has to wear the bloomers for the rest of the shower. When they find out that it is a pair of flowers in there they aren't so shy to wear them. This is a great ice breaker game.

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Mar 25, 2016
Game NEW
by: Anonymous

Your a stupid slut whos married to a sex offender and pregnant by her brother no one likes your stupid game where did you learn this at one of your six babyshowers

Feb 22, 2015
Very cute idea!! NEW
by: Gigi

What a cute idea! I can't wait to suggest this to my daughter for her baby shower! Our yard is FULL of "bloomers" (well, camellias, actually!). Thanks for the cute idea!!

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