Baby's 1st Christmas

by Sharon

Baby's 1st Christmas

Baby's 1st Christmas

This is an expensive looking cake, but actually quite affordable as I got all the ingredients from the Dollar Store. I only use rubber bands and ribbons to hold the cake together and plastic table clothes for the icing. Here is a list of my cake ingredients.
Paper towel rolls
Rubber Duckys-2
Baby Bottle-1-Filled with green and red M&M's
Johnson BabyTravel pack-1 (open and place around cake)
Bath puff-1
Gingerbread boy and girl
Teething ring-1
Teething beads-2
Baby's 1st year ornaments-2
Pointsetta's-8 or more for decorating
Curly ribbon-red,gold and green-1@
Flat ribbon-1
Candy canes-4 (as many as you like)
Stuffed animal-1
Brush and comb set
(Try and find things with Baby's 1st Christmas printed on them)
Total cost: $51.00 (nothing on cake over $3.00 except diapers.

I make 3 to 8 layer cakes. I wrap all the diapers with rubber bands and attach to paper towel rolls. I do not use hot glue. When adding decorations, I use large rubberbands and tuck things under them, then wrap with ribbon to hide rubber band. Sometimes it is hard to find rubber bands of the same color, so I match different colors with the different rows. Find a strong holding tape to hold the table cloth in place. Don't forget to put M&M's in baby bottle for Mommy! :) It is a great past time. I get a lot of compliments. I make them to make people happy, love to see their smiles!!

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