Fun Baby Shower Word Game

- Baby ABC's Baby Shower Word Game -

The following baby shower ABC terms are suggestions of possible answers for the Baby ABC's game:

Click here for the free printable Baby ABC's baby shower game card

A - Antibacterial Soap
B - Bottle
C - Crib
D - Diaper
E - Einstein, Baby
F - First Aid Kit
G - Gate for Doorway
H - Humidifier
I - Infant Seat
J - Juice
K - Kit, Bath
L - Lots of Energy!
M - Mobile
N - Nursing Blanket
0 - Ointment
P - Pacifier
Q - Quick Wits
R - Rattle
S - Stroller
T - Thermometer
U - Unconditional Love
V - Vaseline
W - Wash Cloths
X - X's and O's
Y - Yellow Baby Clothes
Z - Zealous Diaper-Changing Husband


For some of the harder letters (Q, X, Y, & Z), you have to get a little creative! :]

Have Fun!

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