Baby Shower Thank You Poems For Your Guests and Hostess

Baby Shower Thank You Poems are a cute and friendly way to thank your guests for coming to your baby shower.

Below you'll find a number of fun, original baby shower thank you poems for your own personal use. These poems are also great to use for your baby shower hostess thank you cards

Use these cute, trendy & free printable baby shower thank you cards to print out and send to your guests. When you print them out, just write one of the thank you poems below in each card, then write a short, personal thank you note. Thank your guests for coming to the party and for the gift that they gave (be sure to mention their specific gift, e.g. Thank you so much for the burpcloths and sleeper, I will definitely be using them!)


Nine months is quite a long wait
And it hasn't always been fun.
But thanks to sweet friends like you,
I am almost done!


The shower was fun, the party was great,
Thanks for coming to celebrate!


The Baby Shower was wonderful and SO much fun,
Thank you for celebrating my new little one!


The baby shower was fun and so wonderfully sweet,
Thank you for coming - It was such a treat!


I had so much fun on my baby shower night,
Thank you for making it such a delight!


The memory of my baby shower
will always be a treasure.
Thanks so much for coming,
It was such a pleasure!


My baby shower made me feel such love and joy,
As we all celebrated my sweet baby boy!
Thank you for coming!


My little baby is coming
The day is drawing near.
And so I spend my time dreaming
of my sweet baby dear.
I dream of little hands,
precious feet and angel eyes,
I dream of reading stories,
playing games and singing lullabies.
And while I ponder
such sweet and happy days,
My thoughts are turned to those
who have helped me along the way.
Nine months is quite a long wait
And it hasn't always been fun.
But thanks to sweet friends like you,
I am almost done!
Thanks for you love, support, and for coming to the shower!


Pick your favorite Baby Shower Thank You Poem above and use one of these free printable thank you cards and you are all ready to get your thank you cards DONE with!

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Baby Shower Thank You Poems

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