Baby Shower Gone Bad

Be careful who you invite to your baby shower!

In Springfield, Massachusettes, a 7 month pregnant woman was being thrown a coed baby shower by a friend when two of the guests got into a fight. The baby shower brawl ended up in one of the guests being shot and the mother-to-be getting beaten with a stick.

Apparently, one of the guests, Aristotle Garcia, got into an argument with another man, Antonio Santiago, who was dating Garcia's ex-girlfriend. Garcia accused the ex-girlfriend of letting their 5 year-old daughter drink beer, which Santiago denied.

As the argument intensified, the baby shower hostess tried to stop it. Two friends of Santiago, Jazz Rivas and Juan Velazquez, joined in and a brawl ensued. Rivas had a stick and started to beat the hostess, the pregnant guest of honor, and two other guests with it. Velasquez drew a gun, which he fired into the air first and then shot Garcia in the stomach.

Police arrested Velazquez, Rivas, and Santiago - all charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Rivas was also charged with assault and battery on a pregnant female. Velasquez was charged with armed assault with intent to kill. Garcia, 26, was taken to the hospital and was in stable condition. And, thank goodness, the pregnant mother-to-be was treated at the hospital and released with only minor injuries.

Moral of the story: Don't invite any thugs to your baby shower!

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