Baby Shower Relay Race or obstacle

by Florence Koski
(Covington, Kentucky, USA)

I love doing obstacle or relay like games. Helps everyone get to know each other and so much fun. I made up 5 stages around the room. However many people are present make two even teams.
Stage 1: the first team-mates to go must gather their color of baby clothes in a basket. When finished run to next stage.
Stage 2; A teammate will be there waiting for basket of clothes. Once handed basket, must go to a table and fold as fast as she can the baby clothes. When finished then runs to a table and fold all clothes as fast as she can.
Stage 3; After teammate folds clothes, blindfolds teammate at stage 3. Who must then with a large spoon transport cotton balls into the bowl at the end of the table. When bowl is empty, team members shouts that the blindfolded mate is done, she must un-blindfold herself and then tag her teammates hand at stage 4.
Stage 4: There at station 4 is a baby bottle of a soft drink or juice. The teammate must drink from baby bottle and finish drink. When done, that teammate tags their teammate at stage 5.
Stage 5: Teammate here must end the course by finding a safety pin (closed of course lol) in a bowl of nuts or beans or a dry good. Team who finishes first wins.

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