Baby Shower Planning Isn't Always Easy

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Baby shower planning can be lonely! Not because you turn into a recluse and won't see the light of day until you the baby shower is over. But because YOU, alone, are responsible for entertaining 15-20 people, coming up with fun baby shower games, cute invitations, creative favors, tasty food, and pretty decorations. That can be quite a daunting challenge and one that can make you feel like you are all alone, a little frightened and very stressed.

So, as someone who has planned many a baby shower, let me share my number one piece of advice to anyone planning a baby shower: Don't try to do it by yourself.

Find one or two other friends or family members of the mother-to-be who would be willing to help in the baby shower planning. If you don't know any of the expectant mother's friends or family, there is not a thing wrong with asking her whom she would suggest to help you plan the baby shower. Now, some women may want to plan a baby shower all by themselves. That is a wonderful thing, if you have the time, money & motivation. But most women who have planned a baby shower will tell you that by including another person in the planning, the stress of baby shower planning is much less.

One of the best reasons to include another person in the baby shower planning is that you will have twice as many ideas, twice as much creativity, and twice as much energy. You can brainstorm baby shower ideas together, you can bounce ideas off of each other and you may have different circles of friends & resources from which you can draw from to plan the baby shower. Many times when I was planning a baby shower, I had some ideas that I thought were fun, but I wasn't sure if others would think so. And until I found someone to bounce my ideas off of, I felt quite lonely and unsure.

One of the most significant times that you may feel lonely when planning a baby shower is the last few days before the baby shower, because it is crunch time and you, alone, have to get everything ready. So, another important reason to include others in your baby shower planning is to share in the baby shower preparation. Not only will one or two more people make your planning easier, but you can divide and conquer the various components of a baby shower. For example, you could prepare the baby shower games, prizes and invitations. And the expectant mother's sister-in-law wanted to help so she can prepare the baby shower favors, food and decorations. And presto! Your preparation is cut in half. Talk about taking a load off!

And another reason to recruit another person or two in your baby shower planning is to reduce the financial burden placed on the lonely baby shower hostess. Depending on your baby shower budget, your baby shower might cost more than you were expecting. So, it is more economical to include another hostess or two when planning a baby shower. Often times, when planning a baby shower alone, a hostess will buy ready-made food, invitations, favors & more - because she doesn't have the time to make everything herself. Ready-made baby shower items are usually more expensive than make-your-own. So, if you include another person in your planning & preparation, then you won't have as many things to worry about, and you will have more time to make your own invitations, favors, food & more. So, by all means, get another hostess to help!

And in every baby shower that I have planned with another person, the other person was ALWAYS happy to help. Baby shower planning is fun and can be a social event for the 2 of you. When you have another person to help plan, you will have fun getting together, laughing about the fun games you will play, deciding on the baby shower menu, and oohing over the cute little baby invitations. Most friends of the expectant mother would really enjoy the chance to honor her by helping to plan her baby shower. So do not feel like you are imposing on someone else by asking them to help plan!

And for that matter, do not feel like you are weak and can't do it by yourself because you ask someone to help you. Planning a baby shower is a big job, and you should treat it as such by inviting someone else to help you. By so doing, you will enjoy it more, you allow someone else to enjoy in the baby shower planning, and usually the baby shower will turn out to be more enjoyable for everyone because (with two hostesses) more time & detail can be spent on preparing the invitations, games, favors, food, etc. So remember that when planning a baby shower, the rule of thumb is: The More The Merrier!

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