Fun Baby Shower Party Game Ideas!

- Baby Shower Memory Game -

This baby shower party game is so fun because it is easy to play, handing out the prizes is funnier than the game itself, and there are many prizes, not just one, to give away.

This baby shower game is called either Baby Shower Memory Game or Baby Shower Concentration.

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Here are the instructions for Baby Shower Concentration:

Preparation for this baby shower game:
   - 1 white posterboard
   - 1 colored posterboard (pink or yellow for a girl, blue                                         or yellow for a boy)
   - A yardstick or ruler
   - A permanent marker
   - Clear tape
   - Baby stickers, die-cuts, stamps, etc
   - Various candy bars and candies

First, divide the white posterboard into a grid of 25 squares. Across the top, draw a vertical line, every 4 inches. And from one of the sides draw a horizontal line about every 4 3/8 inches. The center square is a "free" square, so decorate it with stickers, die-cuts, stamps, etc - according to the baby's gender.

The other 24 boxes will contain 12 lavels (2 of each) that have to do with the topic of babies. These labels correspond with a candy/candy bar prize that guests will receive if they make a match between two of the boxes. These labels & corresponding prizes could include:

Label on Posterboard     Prize/Candy

   Pregnancy                   Airhead
   (Mom's name)             Mamba
   (Dad's name)              Sugar Daddy
   Grandma                    Lifesavers
   Grandpa                     Fast break (candy bar)
   Bottle                        Bottle Candy
   Pacifier                      Ring Pop
   Labor & Delivery         Push Pop or Rocky Road bar
   Hospital Bills              100 Grand (candy bar)
   Breastfeeding             Milk Duds, Milky Way, or Big Cup                                         Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
   Sleepless Nights          Good N' Plenty
   Pictures of Baby           Mentos
   Baby Fat                     Rolos
   Baby or (Baby's name)  Junior Mints
   Little Boys (if having a boy)  Gummy worms
   Little Girls (if having a girl)   Sugar or Chiclets gum

Add any other label/candy you can think of - be creative! Anything goes for this baby shower party game!

Once you have purchased the prizes you'll use, write the corresponding 12 labels in 2 boxes each - mixing up the matches.

With the colored posterboard, measure & cut out squares that are 1/4 inch smaller (both vertically and horizontally) than the squares drawn on the white posterboard.

baby shower party game

Number the colored cards 1 through 24 and tape them (with a medium sized piece of clear tape across the top - see picture) in a way that the cards can be flipped up to reveal the label underneath. Once all the cards are securely taped, write up an answer key that indentifies the numbers of the matches and which treats correspond to each of the labels. This will help you when you lead the game.

How to play this baby shower party game:
It's easiest to play this game by placing the "gameboard" (poster) on the floor (the posterboard can be flimsy to hold & and the flip the cards won't stay open without help). Put the posterboard on the floor or a chair so it stands by itself, where everyone can see it.

Guests take turns calling out two numbers that may be a match. The leader of the game then flips up the covers of the two numbers for the guests to see if the two numbers match. If a match is made the cover cards are removed by pulling the card free from the tape. And the lucky guest receives the candy/candy bar that corresponds to the label that they matched. If a guest is not correct, the covers are not removed, but rather flipped down to cover the labels. And the next guest gets a turn at guessing two numbers for a match. The game is played until all matches are made. This game is a lot of fun and guests really get a kick out of the candy/candy bar choices for the different labels.

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