A Unique Baby Shower Game

The Perfect Baby

This is the Mommy's Perfect Baby Traits baby shower game. This is a fun game that gets everyone thinking about what the new baby will look like!

Game Instructions:
Preparation for this free baby shower game: Before the shower, make a list of the mother-to-be's idea of the perfect baby in terms of physical characteristics and personality traits, and have the expectant mother fill it out. Print out a copy of the free printable "Perfect Baby" game card below for each guest.
How to play this game: During the shower, give each guest a copy of the list of the ideal baby characteristics and a pen. Have each guest fill out the paper, trying to guess what the mother would prefer. The guest with the closest guesses to the mommy-to-be's list is the one who thinks the most like she does, and therefore wins the game!

Have Fun!

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This game is free for your PERSONAL use.