Baby Shower Games Gone Bad!
A Little Baby Shower Advice

This is a place for all of us to come and share Baby Shower advice, games gone wrong, and less than perfect baby shower experiences.

We've all been there. Putting so much time and effort into planning a baby shower and then something unexpected happens, an awkward moment, or some disaster strikes!


It is fun to laugh about later on (usually). So share your boring and disastrous baby shower games & stories and help others avoid those same bad experiences and/or mistakes.


Be the FIRST to submit less than ROSY Baby Shower Games & experiences! Your baby shower advice will be posted right here. SUBMIT them below


We can all learn from each other's experiences, both good and bad...

So share your baby shower games and experiences, and the next time you need some help and advice on what to do and what NOT to do, you will know where to come!

Help others avoid boring or otherwise disastrous Baby Shower Games!

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