Baby Name Raffle

by CBailey

We have a lot of baby showers and are always looking for new games to play. I made up this fun easy game.
I went through the dictionary and picked out two random words for each guest that may or may not have to do with babies. (you could also use names from nursery rhymes) For example; blue, sunny, stormy, lucky, princess, night, pooh, rose. Then randomly put two words together to form a funny name like: Princess Blue, Stormy Night, Sunny Pooh, Lucky Rose.
I put these on name tags face down on a table. When the guests arrived they had to pick their new Baby name for the day. Everyone laughed to see their new name as well as the other guests' new names.
I also had each of these names in a bowl and at the end of the shower, I pulled 4 names and they got to take home the flower centerpieces.

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Apr 14, 2016
by: Anonymous

I was looking for something new and with different ages going to be attending this and the pregnancy test seems really great, these are the 2 I am going with. Thanks so much. My husband is holding my popcicle so I can write this.

Jan 26, 2016
Name Game
by: Anonymous

I like this idea. I did something similar at a baby shower. What I did was purchased nametags from the dollar store and put different things relating to a baby or mother (up-all-night, pacifier, blanket, cradle, cry baby, colic, crib, stroller, etc.). Everyone had to use those names and if not had to put a quarter in the bank for the baby.

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