Baby Food

by Anitra Spencer

Have 10 Jars Of Unwrapped Baby Food. NO Mixtures Like Ham & Gravy , Just ONE Like Carrots, Green Beans...Etc. Pass 1 Jar Around At A Time & Let EveryOne Guess What Food It Is - They Can't Open Or Smell it. They Have To Guess Just By LOOKING At it & Have Them Write Their Answers On A Piece Of Paper Numbered 1-10. Who Ever Has The Most Right , Wins. !

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May 03, 2019
Love this game
by: Hannah

We did this game in a better funnier version
We picked 2 moms and tied their eyes and had to have them feed each other and whoever finished first won

Oct 30, 2016
Baby food game
by: Kathy

You can also take the labels off 5-15 different jars, & have a spoon for EACH guest to have for EACH jar. Guests take a clean spoon & taste each kind, eriting down their guess. If you have 5 different kinds, each guest would have 5 spoons. Label the bottom (1=pear, etc.)

Oct 14, 2015
by: Bonnie H

It is definitely cool game to see who from your friends or family is the greatest extra sensor))

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