Baby Diva - Pink and Zebra Print

by E. Vera
(Raleigh, NC )

Haha, I love this cake. Such a fun theme - a little diva :). Check out the fun photos and awesome description from E. Vera. Our readers are awesome for contributing to this online gallery of cute, gorgeous, sweet, and sassy diaper cake ideas. E. Vera many many thanks for sharing with the rest of us! Such a pretty cake!

E. Vera's comments:

This is a 3-tier diaper cake made just for a little diva!

A friend of mine asked me to make a diaper cake for her sister's baby shower and she said her sister was a DIVA so she wanted it to match her sister's voilà! Something chic, sweet and neat! My friend LOVED it and so did the mom-2-b!

Ingredients are:

25 - Size 1 diapers
2 - Hair Bows
1 - Flower Head-wrap
1 - Pair of Booties

Now for the filling: 2 Similac travel packs, Travel Johnson shampoo, Travel Johnson lotion, and Travel Johnson Bubble bath. Of course the filling can be whatever you want...these where things I that had.

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