Baby Cakes

by Sharon

Gorgeous! This beautiful diaper cake took a lot of time and a lot of love to make...and you can see it in every detail! Lovely detail and embellishments. Sharon is one of our many creative, helpful readers who has created a work of art and shared it with the rest of us to "pay it forward". We're so glad she did!

Sharon, thanks for sharing your diaper cake pics and wonderful instructions! You have helped hundreds and thousands of others looking for cute ideas!

If YOU have a diaper cake and would like to pay it forward, send it on over to us right here!

In Sharon's Own Words:
This is my first Diaper Cake, I constructed and decorated it. This one was a labor of love, a lot of work went into it, it took almost a month to complete, because I kept redoing it. This was taken at my Daughters' Baby Shower a few weeks ago. Previously I had ordered one plain cake and decorated it, but I did this completely by myself. It has two little cakes on the side. I wasn't going to put the pics up because of the messy background, but I think you get the general idea. I used size 2 generic disposables from Dollar General, 240 diapers in all (6-40 count pks) that I purchased at Dollar General.

The cake has six receiving blankets, two on every other row, used for icing. The bottom row of diapers have hair ribbons tied around them. Included in the cake are: a pink brush and comb, eight pacifiers, tiny pink emery boards, nail file and clippers, teething ring, 8 pink soaps shaped like suckers, white anklets are used as roses, pink polka dot ribbon frames the cake, and lots of pink curly curls. Two bottles filled with M&M's for Mommy,Tiny roses are placed on each tier, and a pink teddy bear nestled in a white basket graces the top of the cake.

The bottom row diapers are tied with hair ribbons, receiving blankets used for the icing. A pink bear in a white basket tops the cake. Eight pacifiers, two pair of white lacey socks made the white roses, two teethers, 8 tiny pink soap suckers, pink comb and brush, two baby bottles full of m&m's (for Mama),tiny pink fingernail files, clippers and Sparkly pink shoes grace the front. Tiny roses of different colors all over cake. An abundance of curly curls all over. And of course, yellow duckies. My granddaughter made the tiny cake on the left front with the duck on it. Approx cost, $100.00 for this six layer cake.

Thank you for your wonderful site, very helpful!!

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