A Story for Baby _____________

by Ally McLean
(Orangeburg, SC)

This can either be done on a computer (as long as it is in a central location) or in a notebook and later typed. The host starts the story with the first sentence,

ex. Once upon a time... in far away kingdom, live King (insert dad-to-be name) and Queen (mom-to-be name). If there are older siblings add Prince ___________ or Princess ______________________.

ex. Once there was a boy/girl named (insert new baby's name)

Have each guest at the shower write 1 or 2 (ONLY) sentences to continue the story. The stories can be fairytales or just funny stories but remember to keep them light, no doom a gloom!!!

At the end of the shower print the story off and have the Mom-to-be- or someone read the completed story.

As a gift, print out a copy of the story in a pretty font and frame it for the nursery or to put in the baby book.

You can also have all guest sign the back of the story so that mom and baby know who the authors of their story were.

Have fun!!!

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Sep 11, 2015
by: Jesica Marteen

This website is easily the best thing that I have seen.

Feb 21, 2015
Nice keepsake!
by: Gigi

This would be a really nice keepsake for the parents and baby. Having only 1 or 2 sentences makes it a manageable item too.

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