A "sock-sorting" game - alternate version

by Gigi
(Downey, CA)

There's the classic "sock-sorting" game, where a person has so much time to sort socks and the one who's sorted the most wins, and there's the alternate version:

You'll need as many different pairs of socks and booties (various sizes, colors, styles) as 1/2 the number of guests, separated. Each guest gets a sock when they arrive. At game time, each guest has to find the other guest that has the matching sock. The first pair matched wins the game and each of those two guests gets a prize.

This takes less time than the sock sorting game and gets everyone involved at the same time. It works best if you have a LOT of people coming (we have almost 100 coming!!)

Super easy, and you can find tons of socks on Ebay for super low prices!!

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